Keep calm, it is bedtime

Keep calm, it´s bedtime 🙂

Bedtime routine

Around 1-3 years old It’s called toddler stage, is the early childhood development stage. Where the little ones start to reveal part of their personality and where they start to want to know everything around. They start to walk, they start saying some words, is the perfect time to introduce the lecture time, or the bedtime routine. They are building their creativity and imagination. The bedtime stories make them start imagination, start creating in their minds a new world. They start putting in picture what we are reading.

On this age, toddlers start understanding routines and this gives them a sense of comfort. If you start with a disciplined bedtime routine, bedtime stories, bedtime enjoyable procedure for the toddler, they will enjoying and looking forward to go to bed. Meditation can change behavior on this moment. You will find what we want to mean with the idea of, bedtime Meditation.

Bedtime is an important routine for toddlers growing and development. Let them feel confidant and happy with what is about to come, a dreaming and rechargeable night.

If you are living this wars at your home, stay with me and I will give you some ideas how to introduce bedtime mediation and all the benefits around it.

Bedtime meditation

Talking about betime meditation is basically talk about give a meaning to that action. Explain the kids that bedtime is not JUST the action of going to bed, to finish playing and go to bed. NO. Bedtime can be much more than that.

Here is a really good ranking audio-CD, that´s has been helping a lot of families and kids. This can make all change and they will love it.

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After a long day, kids like to have somethig that gonna take them slowly to rest. They love to rest but they dont like to stop playing. So, we just going to do a different game. thye will start imagining. As soon as you start doing this medation, sooner will see results.

Remember if they see you enjoying it, they will enjoying it too.

Keep calm, it’s bed time!


  1. Great tips and tools to put into practice 😉

    1. Thank You Olivia! Enjoy it 🙂

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